Oyster Culture

The four common oyster culture techniques in are:
Beach culture
Bag culture
Suspended culture
Dike culture
Oyster culture is one of the most projecting forms of marine aquaculture in the U.S. 31 million pounds of oysters were harvested in 2011 with a value of approximately $135 million Oysters generally grow in estuarine bodies of salt water  when it farmed the temperature and  salinity of water are controlled  or monitored as to induce fertilization or to speed the rate of maturation , maturation of the oysters it takes several years
The following are the steps to cultivating oysters:
1. Conditioning the broodstock, broodstock are the parent oysters it provides gametes forLarvae
2. oysters ripe with the gametes
3. All of the oysters in an area will brood at the same time to increase the chances that their gametes meet and fertile larvae are produced.