Intensive Aquaculture

Intensive aquaculture systems water flows in and out continuously (flow through). This allows higher stocking densities. The intensive aquaculture system  require supply of quality water. Not as much of land is required to produce the same quantity of fish as compared to extensive and semi intensive systems. In the EU, 80% of farmed fish production is the following four species that are intensively farmed: rainbow trout (reared both in freshwater and at sea) and marine fishes Atlantic salmon, gilthead sea beam and European sea bass In intensive farming, the fish are kept at too high a stocking density to obtain significant amounts of feed from their environment.
In Vietnam pengaius catfish half of the production is for export US and EU being leading importers and it is farmed intensively, in the last decade Vietnamese production of pangasius has increased 10-fold  to 1.1 million tonnes in 2010 (78% of global farmed pangasius production) of which 0.66 million tonnes was exported.