Global Aquaculture Market

During the next 30 years worldwide demand for  aquaculture products is expected to grow by 70%if demand continues to rise and wild catches continue to decline  we will see a deficit of consumable fish and shell fish Aquaculture in the United States is huge business is greater than $36 billion industry providing nearly19%of the world’s seafood supply over the last 10 years  aquaculture production in the united states has nearly doubled this increase is expected to continue while similar increases in aquaculture are occurring globally aquaculture facilities now exist in every state compared to catfish in  the wild  Farm-raised catfish grow nearly 20% faster in fish-farms Many other countries are involved actively  in aquaculture practices worldwide Chile is the second largest  exporter Ecuador, Colombia and Peru have rapidly growing industries 70,000 tons of Atlantic and pacific salmon Canada producedin Asia about 75% of farmed shrimp is produced