Diseases of Aquaculture & Fisheries

Common diseases of fish: ulcers, cloud eye, dropsy, white spot, bacterial infection, fungal infections etc….Pathogens which can cause fish diseases
Viral infections
Bacterial infections
Fungal infections
Water moulds
Ulcers: Pseudomonas and Aeromonas bacteria it causes ulcers symptoms are pinky-white open wounds often with a white edge and sometimes secondarily infected by fungi and other bacteria   
reason for infection: very poor water quality or an excessively high pH level
Action: test the water for ammonia and nitrite or change water to reduce the pollution levels Treatment: fish lose salts through open wounds add aquarium salt at a dose of 1-3 g/litre and use anti-ulcer treatment
Cloud eye: Cloud eye is caused by the poor water quality and poor diet Symptoms: entire surface or lens of eye takes cloudy appearance
Reason: commonly caused by the poor water conditions
Treatment & Action:  improve water conditions