Aquatic Pathology

Fish pathology deals with the diseases and disease causing agents that effects fish normal living. It studies fish protective mechanism against diseases and its cure. Areas of interest of pathology is regularly covered include host-pathogen relationships, fish pathogen studies, pathophysiology, diagnostic methods, therapy, epidemiology, descriptions of new diseases.
Diseases of fish and shellfish affect both wild and aquaculture populations, accounting millions of dollars of loss in fishery revenues and ecosystem services each year there are some fish diseases and   infections that can be transmitted from fish to water in which they are transmitted to humans.
Aquatic Pathology it includes
1. Fish pathology
2. Host pathogen interactions
3. Wild life pathology
4. Diseases of aquatic molluscs
5. Diseases of crustaceans
Disease transmission from fish to humans is dependent upon several factors including
1. Type of organism (Viral, Parasitic or Bacterial)
2. The liability of the host
3. Environmental Factors