Aquaculture Economics

The aquaculture economics reviewed on the basis of two levels
1. Micro – economics
2. Macro – economics
1. Micro - economics: Micro economics mainly deals with the management measures and elements affecting the efficiency of operation at the farm level
2. Macro-economics: Macro-economic deals with the assessment of social benefits and costs of an aquaculture project.
The importance of economic analysis is highlighted since it provides a basis not only in the decision making of the individual farmer, but also in the formulation of aquaculture policies. Thus, greater consideration should be focused on the progress of economic data for analysis In the USA less than $50 million is spent annually for research and development in Aquatic Biotechnology, Japan spends between $900 million and $1 billion annually.
The Effective analysis of Asian countries that have spent with in basic science research on aquatic biotechnology and the economic success of their products have encouraged other countries to invest a substantial amount of time and resources in aquatic biotechnology